Gallery Night

The aim of the GALLERY NIGHT is to introduce the local galleries, similarly to the other cities arranging art fairs.

Today in Budapest, there are nearly thirty contemporary galleries participating in the popularization of modern art with the contemporary art institutions, and most importantly, taking part in the consistent and long-term professional headway of the artists.

It is fortunate that the contemporary art scene had significant successes in the field of international representations as a result of the Visitors Program, the support of the NKA and the private galleries bearing of burdens, among others.

Ágnes Szépfalvi and Emese Benczúr are in the MUMOK

We are pleased to announce that the works of Ágnes Szépfalvi and Emese Benczúr are exhibited as well on the Gender Check in MUMOK, Vienna. The exhibition is open until February 14, 2010. Congratulations to the artists!

During holiday

We are closed between 24.12.2008. - 01.01.2009.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Spengler Katalin

AICA Prize for Ádám Szabó

Balla, Zsófia poet


Joseph Beuys

October 23, 2008 - we closed