NULLPONT - Ilona Lovas's exhibition
30 October 2015 – 27 November 2015

Photos of soles blown up to many times their original size, positioned vertically, symbols of the process and of the connotations of wandering, of pilgrimage, of getting there. They are objectified and also made organic by the translucent, dry cow intestine – once concretely, now metaphorically a bearer of life – wrapped around them. Words floating on layers of glass sheets, writing (Scripture) materialized in space, rendering visible the words permanently present in the air. They show the omnipresent logos in the moment frozen to permanence. Concrete communion wafers abstracted to an image, falling on the floor through the space in a video.

  • Ilona Lovas’ exhibition titled Nullpont (Standing Still) is a new stage in the lifework that began in the 1970s, ever so varied in the objects and forms it has created, while equally consistent in its process.

The source of this variety and of the clear consistency is the most immediate sensory-sensual connection – from the textile, in the artist’s early period, to pulp, water and wheat, to grass and metal and then to cow intestine –, with the natural processes embodied in materials, and an equally natural process of the same essence: the concreteness and symbolicness of the artistic work with these materials towards creating objects and towards representation.

In Ilona Lovas’ work, matter is present in its sensual-perceptual form, shaped and sensed, while it is its own abstraction at the same time. This is also how it becomes suitable for rendering spiritual and conceptual content, which comes to assume an objectual presence and turn into objects of immediate and intellectually unreflected experience. And it is with the same naturalness that Lovas’ other works trace back to the spiritual our common experience manifest in the concrete visuality of the photo and the video, relating conceptual-spiritual content in concrete images to the most basic original and contemporary questions. Far from being illustrations of tenets or questions, Lovas’ works are the demonstrations of the natural connection, of the common nature or even the identicality of the two worlds, the spiritual-conceptual and the material.

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