24 October 2007 – 16 November 2007

Baroque in the case of Tamás Kopasz' painting series does not refer to a style of fine art, but to the baroque music, which is the current era of his conscious oeuvre creating. His previous cycles walked through the stages of the art from the archaic to the Renaissance. Painting became an emphasized genre in the past years, although earlier he was concerned about sculpture, graphics and experimental music. The large oil/canvas series which can be seen in Inda Gallery is the visual, pictorial draughting of the state of mind during listening to the music of Bach and Händel. The two composers are the opposing figures of the Baroque. The presence of the tension aroused by extreme effects, passion, drama, vivacity, dynamics are typical of both of them, but while Bach was an introvert, spiritual, dramatic, slightly conservative individual, Händel became a fashionable artist because of his light Italian music of the era. Similar to the Baroque pieces, we sense a whirl of passionate gestures, chaos at first in Kopasz' works inspired by music, but after a long contemplation, the the forms, the colors clear up and the comforting delicate gestures, the harmonic details reveal themselves.