Jovián György: Forest (Blowup)
22 November 2007 – 14 December 2007

György Jovián is a painter researching the new ways of painting, creating a totally unique sight within the traditional painting techniques and classic painting. He finished the Academy of Art in Bucharest, and has been living in Budapest for 25 years. He got the Derkovits scholarship between 1983 and 1985, and was awarded Munkácsy prize in 1999.His works have a strange aura, and dark tone, expressing sacrality which gets stronger with time. Jovián's thinking has a philosophical characteristic, which is in connection with Hume's natural deism. This time, the musing dialogue occurs on the canvas instead of paper, resulting in work composed for not a single view, which is the artist's intention, and reveals itself inb the constant game of the contrasts, the details coming out during the activity of the eye in the constant motion. Such are the concurrent presence of representational and abstracting endeavours, the procedure refining the detailed painting technique of the enlarged slice of reality, and the contrast between the meticulous traditional painting and the system indicating the era of raster net owerwriting it. Jovián is thinking in series, his art is a perpetual visual brooding on the nature of art, painting, and life.The Forest is his latest series, exhibited for the first time in INDA Gallery.

Brigitta Muladiart historiancurator of the exhibition