New York, Rio, Tokyo - An exhibition and competition for the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the INDA Gallery
13 September 2011 – 14 October 2011

The INDA Gallery opened its first exhibition on September 13, 2006. For the past five years, the existence and activity of contemporary galleries have played an increasingly important role in contemporary art, affecting art trade as well as the non-profit domain. The galleries, including INDA, have made serious efforts to initiate their artists in the international art life, and introduce them abroad as well.

A few years ago, the big centres of art trade acquired a growing prestige in the introduction of the accomplishments of contemporary art – technical, as well as practical and theoretical. Apart from art fairs, conversations, theoretical debates of renowned experts, and thematic exhibitions inform us, connect us to curators and artists; the big turning points of contemporary art arise on these occasions just like on art biennals and institutional conferences. These events provide the gallery and the participating artists the answers to their questions on the global change of art. The acquisition of the knowledge of the intricate web of art life, in addition to the education, is one of the most crucial step towards success and career in art. In the life of young artists, it is essential that they actively participate in the art events of the world, either individually, or through scholarship and resident programs.

Urban life has little variations despite all the different cultural traditions and customs; big cities have similar problems; art systems face the same tasks and difficulties, yet, the scale has changed, as we stepped out of Europe. The artists' emotional attitude to the world is not the same, but it is beyond doubt that observing or studying other cultures affects everyone. The exhibition New York, Rio, Tokyo concentrates on these experiences; the name is both symbolic and ironic – it is the refrain of a popular song from the '70s, which is about the destinations of dream travels, today's centres of the world. The topic of the exhibition is the effect of mobility on art, and although it does not necessarily have to refer to the metropolises, these three cities may symbolize best the boundlessness of art, its interdependencies beyond geographical, cultural, political and economical definition, which reside in urbanization and the astounding progress of communication.

The exhibition strives to grasp the surplus that the artists sense and convey from the places where they lived for shorter or longer periods, to show the realizations, small motifs, settings, people and objects that affected their work, or that they simply noticed.

What makes this exhibition special is the competition; in course of it, the owners of the gallery offer the prizes that an invited panel of experts will adjudge, who have followed the activity of the gallery with attention. The prizes will be presented on the opening ceremony.

The participants of the exhibition are the active artists of the gallery, as well as invited Hungarian and foreign artists; travel and displacement are inevitable in their lives and appear in their works as well.

Participating artists: AKA, Erik Binder, Márta Czene, Marianne Csáky, Kim Corbisier, Lajos Csontó, Zsolt Ferenczy, Judit Fischer, El Hassan Róza, György Jovián, Diána Keller, Endre Koronczi, Henrik Martin, Mátyás Misetics, Judit Navratil, Rudolf Pacsika, Péter Puklus, András Ravasz, Kamen Stoyanov, Péter Somody, Ádám Szabó, Lilla Szász, Zsófia Szemző, Ágnes von Uray.

Brigitta Muladi art historian

translated by Zsanett Horváth