Corbisier Kim, Keller Diána: Versus
20 January 2010 – 12 February 2010

Two young artists make their first appearance in the Inda Gallery in January 2010. Two different methods of expression meet and collide. One of them is about the reformation of the conventional representation in the most traditional form: painting. The other one, however, is about the novel and technological visualization of the traditional artistic contents. By means of their simultaneous exhibition, the two artists, like two characters, cast light on the same origin and similarities of the basic attitudes of modern art.

The title refers to the permanent struggle of tradition and innovation, but emphasizing that the reforming attitude of the two artists is not tantamount to the repudiation of tradition. On the contrary. The use and change of techniques and forms also mean their survival and continuous re-consideration.

Diána Keller (1983, Budapest) completed the animation course of Novus Art School, then she graduated from the intermedia program of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. In 2009 she won the main prize of the Essl Award, and thus, she got into the circulation of European contemporary art as a career-starter, and her works were exhibited in two significant foreign collections. On one hand, her works continue the kinetic experimental art that is regarded as tradition through Moholy-Nagy. On the other hand, her tight, uncut video films fit into the latest contemporary tendencies. In her newest works she plays with the painting traditions of flower-pieces and translate the theme into motion picture, indicating several questions on the conventions of depiction.

„My purpose is to research and understand the tension arising from the contrast of movement and immobility. A rigid, closed world isolated from reality is expressed either in a photograph or an installation. Constructed spaces, compositions lacking colours and examining artificial light characterize my photo sequences. In my analytic animations of maquette worlds I make an attempt to track the motion combination exceeding natural change of place.” (Diána Keller)

Kim Corbisier (1985, Belgium) graduates in 2010 from the painting program of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts as a student of András Halász. He won the Fundamenta Amadeus Art scholarship in 2008. In addition to his painting studies he played the lead in the György Pálfi's (Hukkle, Taxidermia) film entitled Nem vagyok a barátod (I Am Not Your Friend) as an amateur actor. Corbisier also creates short films.

He collects subjects for his paintings abroad, the foreign environment inspires him. The moments observed on the streets aren't recorded in a rigid, static still picture, but gain a dynamic effect through the refreshing and unique technique of painting. The rhythmic change of the surfaces of colourful graphite and white grounding loosens the sight and makes it lively. The large canvas works that combine painting with bold freehand drawing are contemporary genre pictures, portraits and modern city scapes. The single pictures are loosely connected to each other, and due to the same scenery we sometimes feel like looking at a storyboard.

Brigitta Muladiart historian