AKA: City Scape I.
13 September 2006 – 7 October 2006

Life in the city, the scene of life is the city scape, in the eyes of the townsman. The atmosphere of the suburbia, symbolically empty night-time downtown images, public statues... The city is also a public and private sphere, the common and the intimate places incorporate, which is more and more besetting for people, and results in introversion. Because of the diversity of time perceived in some of the works, the question arises, that whether what we see is a snapshot, an emotion or the expression of a fix status.

The artists participating in the exhibition are poetic in their vision, but they don't lack the self-assurance against the unfavourable visual processes of the city, they represent the critical attitude and activity, which is more and more typical of the young generation, but was there in the previous generations as well.

The artists appearing together in the rooms of the gallery, use the traditional techniques, the painting and the classical graphic methods beyond the changing concept of art.

As a counterpoint, we also take in the places outside the gallery, and hopefully soon, when looking out of the window, art [the painting of AKA (A. Király András)] will appear on a firewall behind a playground, becoming public this way.

Muladi, Brigittaart historian,curator of the exhibition