Koronczi Endre: Széljegyzet
8 July 2009 – 31 July 2009

The themes of Endre Koronczi's photo series and video works are usually such simple, basic concepts, emotions and phenomena that are built into our everyday life, and for this reason, we barely think about them. They are the human relationships, such as friendship, love and enmity; states, like sleeping; and the interferences or transformations of objects and natural phenomena, for example, the wind or the sea waves. He adapts them using various tools. He returned to the analyzed questions again and again in order to re-interpret them years later at a different age.

His questions may refer to the elements of nature or the pillars of human life – concepts that need no explanation or analysis because they are obvious. The way we live our life is controlled by basic rules that we accept and live through because of their triviality in spite of the fact that we all interpret and image them in different ways. Their comparison is enlightening because it reveals, for example, the personal, unique or general relationships that control our categories defined by emotions.

Koronczi's work is based on analyses in which the definitions of physical and human worlds are constantly changing. His genres, the video and the installation make it possible to answer the artist's question in a different style.

The exhibition of the Inda Gallery focuses on a specific subject of Koronczi's work, that deals with simple physical phenomena and elements. Proceeding from the basic elements, the earth, the water, the air and the fire, this time he examines the related phenomena of the wind and breath. He is interested in the consequences of one element missing, when the fire, the wind and the water are motionless, or rather, when the wind becomes a still picture.

An important element of the exhibition is the Four Winds series that has not been exhibited yet. This poetic image sequence was created on four different locations about the motion of the air. The motion of the landscape and the flora have different characteristics on each pieces, showing different pictures. The genre of the Four Winds is a special motion picture that functions as a photo or a classic framed picture with a dvd player.

The series Elements simply freezes the water, the fire, the earth and the air in motion on the screen. It demonstrates the absence of the actions that we take for granted in our environments. The translation of the theme of the air movement is the new series that attempts to make the breath visible and perceptible by placing narrow-cut portraits into the box of the machine that blows the air out. The still, the photo materializes the breath portrayed here. Brigitta Muladiart historian