Stoyanov Kamen: Chinese Rap and Another Stories
27 May 2009 – 3 July 2009

Kamen Stoyanov (1977) the Bulgarian artist living in Vienna often deals with the questions of identity, migration, historical definition, social and cultural communication in his works by gathering first-hand experiences of the social, artistic and cultural relations of the given country as a scholarship-holder.

He uses the urban public places and the architectural environment as exhibition spaces, themes of photography and contrasts them with the current or inherited cultural relations, habits. The real participants of cultural life and he himself pose in his provocative and ironic works.

He uses and mixes the genres freely, he is familiar with drawing, photography and video as well.

He exhibited his works for the first time in MAK, Vienna in 2001, where he teaches at present. In 2003 he was invited to Blood & Honey, The Future is in the Balkans, the exhibition of Harald Szemann, and last year he participated in Manifesta. He was awarded the Prize of the Academy of Vienna in 2005, the Prize of MUMOK of Viennafair in 2007, and the Prize of the Future of Europe in Leipzig.

INDA Gallery invited him to Budapest in 2008 and he won the residence application of Budapest Gallery for three months that ended with his solo exhibition in Studio Gallery. The continuation of the video presented there can be seen in INDA Gallery. The topic of the work is art-dealing, and the buyers are looking for the appropriate works without seeing them. In the video made in Budapest, Katalin Spengler and Zsolt Somlói buy a piece from Kisterem through chat, and in Beijing, a collector uses a song to track down a landscape that would bring sunshine and warmth in the cold winter.

Apart from the Chinese rap titled Artzone-Timezone we can see photos and a free-hand story board as well in Inda Gallery, the latter of which is narrating a real story with a sarcastic humour that happened in a taxi in which several artists and an art dealer travelled.

The introduction of Kamen Stoyanov in the life of Inda Gallery is an important event, since it is the first solo exhibition of the young contemporary artist of international significance.

Brigitta Muladiart historian