Marika, the Samovar and the Sneakers
21 January 2009 – 28 February 2009

INDA Gallery presents the new works of three young painters on the January - February exhibition. The artists started to search for the methods that are different from the conventions after their studies of traditional representational painting. All of them went in different directions.

Péter Sudár exhibits an airy, watercolour-like, easy picture series following his depth psychological self-portrait series.

The still lives of Ádám Rolik went through big changes, and the current ones present a pop-techno result.

The pixel portraits of Endre Kiss mix with large homogeneous surfaces on his works.

Despite their distinctness, it is common in their works that they are sensitive to their own environment, they have self-reflection, continuous active search in their work as well as constant renewal.INDA continues its series of mapping the newest tendencies of painting with the presentation of the latest works of young painters.

Brigitta Muladiart historian