Personal Delineation
20 February 2008 – 21 March 2008

Péter Somody's paintings display a sovereign creator's unique ideas. His thoughts on painting completely exclude the elements of reality, and creates a medium, a new dimension, which takes shape like a living organism during work. One or two reverse drops are presented on his previous pictures, which is now transformed into streaming formations.

The title Personal Delineation emphasizes the individuality of the creative work, but also expresses keeping a distance from the trends. The paintings create a strange atmosphere, walking among them, we can feel like being in the finest layers of the artist's brain. The painting technique emphasizes the ffort to differ from the ordinary by unusually easy-flowing, translucent technique, creating lacquer-like, sensitive surfaces on the canvasses.

On his newest pictures the paint and its free spreading on the canvas have the same determining role than in his previous series, differing in the increased intensity of the colors and the dynamic strength of the playful forms. The basic surfaces are less homogeneous, the membrane of the motives remains, but instead of the gently glittering lacquer, full colors make the upper layer now. We may deduce from the first and only figurative creation, that Péter Somody is currently interested in the possibility of depicting the abstract and figurative form system in the same space, and at the same time he harps on the borders of eclecticism regarding the theme of the picture, and also the constantly changing expression of his own inner interest and questions asked from the world.

Brigitta Muladiart historiancurator of the exhibition