Csontó Lajos, Stoyanov Kamen: Trespassing
26 March 2008 – 18 April 2008

Inda Gallery’s program for Budapest Spring Festival revolves around the possibility of trespassing between life and art, reality and imagination, objective and subjective aspect. The title is symbolic, having more than one meaning this time. Primarily it is meant to say, fine art is able (or is it able?) to bridge the gap and secure some passage between existing and imaginary worlds, the verbal expressions of whose seem increasingly inadequate. Fine art has the capacity to express problems recognized, still unspeakable, and also makes us recognize things we don’t talk about. Fine art talks the language of pictures, that needs no translation, so it bridges worlds, owing to this quality alone.

The three exhibited artists all live in cities, becoming witnesses of the ‘clash of worlds’ day by day. Stoyanov, a Bulgarian by nationality, lives in Vienna. In his foto- and video-installations he is preoccupied with the concept of identity, the narrow footpath, a man is destined to walk. In this era of unlimited possibilities, this kind of headspace is getting tighter and tighter, even if we feel its geographic range is increasing, we still walk on thin ice. Eszter Csurka is active on a range of genres, she moves in the world of film, performance, theatre and painting with equal ease. Lajos Csontó’s photos and videos gain their real sense with the help of texts written on their surfaces. His works broaden space and time, increasing headspace for artist and recipient as well.

Do we still have some space left? Is the world growing bigger or smaller? Do we live in imaginary worlds? These are the questions intended to be answered by exhibited artists, Lajos Csontó, Eszter Csurka and Kamen Stoyanov.

Brigitta Muladiart historian,curator of the exhibition