The Skipping Mind
11 October 2006 – 4 November 2006

"Human existence seems like a paradox concept in our memories. What should we present of people as objective truth? A variant? A gossip? A family legend? Do we have anything else?"Bruno Schultz

Memory is a separate imprint in everybody, so personal that the attempt to contemplate our common memories seems contradictory to its nature. The collective memory, experience, everyone's images, sounds, fragrances, that are independent of gender, age, identity.

However, we can't deny the fact that if we look at the public territory, we are living in the heyday of the averted version of Jung's collective memory, in which the communicational grasp of the terms 'collective past, collective memory' doesn't let us go.We don't have to write it down or forget it, we just have to face the fact that navigation, selection would be more difficult among the tremendous amount of collective images.

In addition to the many news, always changing bits of information of the world, we have to filter out the common knowledge that is indeed worth the label 'unerasable'.

In order to maintain our memory, to highlight the actions that indeed stand for collective knowledge, to prove human presence in memories, we just have to understand them. We can observe our environment in order to map its connections, we can take a symbol, let it be the woman or the man, that means the same for every generation at all times, keeping in mind the motive force of the memory - let it be collective or personal, female or male, living or forgotten -, ourselves.

The pictures of this exhibition conjure up the common images of our culture in the form of signs, the unerasable sight of sensuous perception, the tiny bits of intimate memory, the most common form of memory, the photo-genres of intimate moments, in which we become part of the memories of another human.The interpretation can be diverse. The pictures living in the space of the gallery are short etudes, and soon, our common memories.

Parádi, Juditart historian,curator of the exhibition