Szemző Zsófia: approx
5 November 2008 – 28 November 2008

In November, the Inda Gallery exhibits three young artists, Lilla Borsos-Lőrinc, Ann Lundin, and Zsófia Szemző, who, from the beginning of their career, have a very characteristic, unique style. All of their works have the self-reflective, surrealistic feature in common.

Lilla Borsos-Lőrinc was awarded the Strabarg prize this year. Her magnetic, gesture-like drawings and drawing-based oil paintings are personal documents, diary sheets, feeding on everyday reality. We can see several self-portraits placed in different contexts, as well as works reflecting the artist's identity or events concerning wider political, social problems.

Ann Lundin considers photography her source. Her collages processing group photographs with cut out black figures are reminiscents of the silhouette, the predecessor of photography. This makes her pictures surrealistic by blurring the time plane of the scenes.

Zsófia Szemző has graduated from the graphics and media majors of MOME, creates space installations and motion pictures based on drawing, watercolour and painting. Her works are the curious mixtures of memories, surrealistic dreams and reality.

Brigitta Muladiart historian