Adjustment – works by Eszter SZABÓ
8 May 2024 – 19 June 2024

INDA Gallery cordially invites you to the opening of


– works by Eszter SZABÓ

on Wednesday, 8th of May, 2024 at 6 p.m.

Opening speech by curator Júlia Salamon

At the core of Eszter Szabó's exhibition entitled Adjustment are animated installations created with a painterly approach. In line with her practice, the works have no linear narrative, while offering multiple points of engagement in time and space.

This selection from the past two years fits into her interest in the social representation of women and in visually mapping the essential mental-emotional character of the individual – middle-aged or ageing women. More closely, it presents works where the starting point is a specific reference in the history of painting.

She appropriates late Renaissance portraits of unknown women. As she puts it, she re-frames them, ‘peeling off’ their historical time to remove the representational function of the image, to demystify the features of the faces and study their details. The process of disassembling and reassembling with subtle corrections connects the works in the exhibition into a new cycle.

An exciting novelty is that these portrait-blocks now appear in a loosely connected, DIY installation environment that reuses found materials. In contrast to the neutral medium of the monitors, these solutions also allow the expansion and exploration of the portrait’s painterly and situational potential. For example, by confining a woman's face, traditionally made the object of gaze, to a peep-box, the artist also offers an alternative way for the gazes to meet through the casual, silent conformation of the viewer peeping from the rear end of the box and the portrait looking back over her shoulder. The notion of "adjustment" is essentially an attempt to get to the heart of the matter, a visual diary of women's experiences in the present – with non-verbal signs like patterned accessories or the truth of a flesh-cutting bra strap that slips out of place.

Technical support: Tamás Herczeg

On view: 2024. 05. 09 – 06. 19.

Opening hours: Tuesday–Friday: 2-6 p.m.