Kíra Krász: Etiquette
27 March 2024 – 26 April 2024

Kíra Krász’s current work aims to explore the curious relationship between etiquette (behavioral culture) and etiquette (label). The project has two main components: the ’25’ black and white photographs, which are all part of an old, strict system, and the pastel coloured ’crossbreeds’ being much less constrained, embodying change and transformation.

Curator: Eszter Gyöngyösi

Opening: March 27th 2024, 6:30 pm

The opening speech will be delivered by Jázmin Hont, art historian.

The exhibition takes place within the framework of the FFS Átlátás 2024 exhibition series.

The exhibition is a part of the official program of Budapest Photo Festival 2024.

Please join us for the opening event, or visit the gallery in opening ours between these dates:

28th March 2024 - 26th April 2024

The exhibition series 'Overview', organized by the Studio of Young Photographers will take place again in 2024, providing opportunities and support for emerging photographers to showcase their work. Within the framework of an internal competition, the FFS announced the exhibition opportunity among its members. The invited jury members were representatives of the galleries hosting the project: Noémi Viski (curator, K11 Labor), Emese Mucsi (curator, Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center ), Viktória Fekete (art manager, INDA Gallery), Tünde Török (Mymuseum), Endre Cserna (FKSE and Eidolon Center for Everyday Photography), and Franciska Legát, the secretary of FFS. Following the jury's selection process, five artists were chosen, who will collaborate with their curators and gallery representatives to realize their ideas as part of the 'Overview 4' exhibition series.