Eszter METZING: The skin sees when the eyes touch
13 March 2024 – 26 April 2024

Opening: 13th of March, 2024, 6 pm

Opening speech: Márió Nemes Z.

Curators: Annamária Szabó, Zsolt Kozma

INDA Gallery cordially invites you to the opening of The skin sees when the eyes touch – works by Eszter METZING on Wednesday, 13th of March, 2024 at 6 p.m.

Opening speech by: poet, critic Márió Z. Nemes

Eszter Metzing's second solo exhibition at INDA Gallery transforms the relationship between touch and sight into immediate experience. The artist turns the gallery’s three connected rooms into a fabula where the exhibited works relieve their recipients from the overload of a vision- centric reality. And by doing so, the pieces let the visitors enter their own tissue through their unconscious, wondering perception of the peripheral spectacle. The acts of seeing and becoming visible, touching and becoming touchable spread across the spatial system like threads.

Led by a desire to discover through touching, the viewer eliminates the distance between them and the works. By experiencing the works, the spectators open up to themselves as touchable skin in a tactile proliferation of vulnerability, of cell membranes, of pre- and nonverbal emotions.

Metzing began using latex, rubber extracted from the sap of rubber trees as a key material in her art a few years ago. Over the years, she has used this material to make a variety of tentacle creatures in her installations. In the current exhibition a new kind of symbiosis emerges: raw canvas, with the body dissolving in painting and graphic motifs, and biomorphic borosilicate glass embedded in latex come to pulsate in a women's rite like a primordial principle. The works and the image revealing themselves in them become the umbilical cord that leads the self back to the natural connection with its boundary, to the origo rooted beneath the skin, preserving memories. And this is where the perception of the world’s flesh tissue comes back once again to an interconnection with a renewed perception of the flesh of the self.