Quotations – 2. Glimpses of the 1990s
12 December 2023 – 16 February 2024

Opening: December 12, 6 pm

Opening speech: Zsolt Kozma, curator of the exhibition

Quotations – 2

Glimpses of the 1990s

The last show in INDA Gallery 2023 programme is our second exhibition looking back at the art of the 1990s. As in the previous show, "Quotations – 1", we present examples from the practice of artists working with the gallery who were active in the last decade of the 20th Century. Unfortunately, in the case of one of these artists, Ilona Lovas, we are looking back at a closed oeuvre. The works showcased now by Marianne Csáky, Ilona Lovas and Ágnes Uray-Szépfalvi range from painting through carved and painted wooden objects, photo drawings and lightboxes, to video, and the combination of animal body tissue, glass and metal, also illustrating the medial diversity of the era – and, importantly, they also represent three female artist positions.

While the 1990s were the theme of some of INDA's exhibitions already before the COVID years, the timing of Quotations 1 and 2 is by no means a coincidence: they partially overlap in time with the exhibition entitled TechnoCool, New Directions in Hungarian Art of the Nineties (1989-2001), currently on view at the Hungarian National Gallery.

On view: 13 December – 16 February, 2024