Ágnes Uray-Szépfalvi, Csaba Nemes: „Update” – „Storytelling”
17 November 2023 – 26 January 2024

Ágnes Uray-Szépfalvi, Csaba Nemes: „Update” – „Storytelling”

Opening: 17 November, 2023, Friday, 6 pm

INDA Project Room

Opening speech: Dávid Fehér, art historian

Two of the legendary storyboards by Ágnes Szépfalvi (now Ágnes Uray-Szépfalvi) and Csaba Nemes, created as a series of scollaborative works in the 1990s, will be on display in INDA Gallery’s project room from November 17th this year to January 26th, 2024. Used in film production as tools for setting scenes and planning shots, the storyboards were developed into an independent genre by this duo of artists in the early years of their artistic career, experimenting with the possibilities of storytelling in painting. Of all their series of storyboards, born out of the combined use of film, textual narrative and the narrative potentials of painting, Inda now exhibits SONNTAG (Sunday), 1998, and L'AME EST UN MARCHEUR (The soul walks on foot), 2001, each consisting of 33 parts. Together with the Szépfalvi-Nemes storyboard that was selected for the Hungarian National Gallery's current exhibition titled TechnoCool, three such series can currently be seen in Budapest – all of them are special, well worthy of discovery or rediscovery.

On view: 21 November, 2023 – 26 January, 2024

Open hours: Tuesday-Friday: 2-6 pm