Borderline Case
3 August 2007 – 31 August 2007

The exhibition of the artists of the colony of Felsőörs

Exhibitors (Finnish, Polish, Swedish and Hungarian artists):

Carina Fogde, György Györgydeák, Marja Hakala, Raija Heikkilä, Margareta Jonnson, Jari Jula, Jari Järnström, Janne Kaitala, Piars Tomasz, Ditte Reijers, Katariina Salmijärvi, Morgan Stenman, Tünde Szentgyörgyi, József Tóth, Aino Ulmanen, Laura Uusitalo, Vaula Valpola, Patrícia Minerva Varga, Ágnes Vári, Riikka Wesamaa

The cooperation of the Finnish Painters' Union and Tölgy Kulturális Egyesület began seven years ago on Felsőörs, where Sándor Szalai guest-house owner, Marjucca Paunila painter, the president of the Finnish Painters' Union and György Györgydeák artist, president of Tölgy Kulturális Egyesület decided to accomplish the mythical Finnish-Hungarian friendship in the field of fine art as well. As the result of this they work together on a summer symposium annually, and exhibit their works; the seventh of such an opening can be seen in Inda Gallery.

The laymen often consider the artists creative madmen. Craziness is dangerous and frightening. So if they see an artist, or a work, they'd rather run into the opposite direction. This common generalisation indicates that we understood something well, but incompletely. The creation of art is a situation in which the artist traverses inner borders by work, as well as the borders between the medium and the world. Like the Chinese Master, we artists step across the border of the truth and fantasy, and we get lost mentally in our wilderness.

The artists – selecteded carefully – are the real essence of the symposium. Not their work, the documentation of the event or their fame and career, but their unique and diverse character, individual, human presence creates something new, unpredictable, something totally different on every occasion. The ones on the border are vulnerable, yet their ability to create is strong. The borders hindering the eyesight do not exist for them.

This is the time for the eighth symposium of Tölgy Kulturális Egyesület and Finnish Painters' Union. We continue our way into the chess game called cultural exchange. Ten days together, band work in wild rush, memories, the collisions of arts and egos -- the mere idea is a big, risky borderline case.

Juha Okko


(extract from the catalog of the exhibition)