Ádám Szabó: _ Is it not there?_
20 April 2023 – 2 June 2023

Opening: 19 April, 2023 6.30 pm

Opening speech: Zsolt Kozma

“Shadow is, perhaps, not only a local negative of light but an active opponent of light, radiating from the dense just like light radiates from its source.” (Á. Sz.)

Ádám Szabó’s metal objects exhibited now at Inda Gallery deal with the shadow, a phenomenon present in all fields of our culture, from visual arts to literature, to architecture. Shadow is an omnipresent accessory occurrence, an optical effect, always to be taken into account, but hardly ever the focus, the main theme. This time, however, it comes to play the main role in Szabó’s works. One could say that this artist, who has always played and experimented with and theorized about paradoxical situations and phenomena in his art, now puts the shadow in the limelight (what he does now really invites this silly and absurd mixed metaphor). He goes about it with his characteristic profundity, meticulousness of thought and technique, and conscious choices of references in a wide range of fields from art history, the theory of art, philosophy and optics. And of course, in all these new works we can see again his signature brand of irony and his mischievous wink.

On view: 20 April – 19 May, 2023

Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday: 2-6 pm