Barbara Nagy: Space Sections
13 October 2022 – 18 November 2022

Opening speech by Sándor Radnóti

theorist of literature and art, art critic and philosopher

In the show titled Space Section, Barbara Nagy’s carved and painted black wood panels, sandpaper-drawings and black ink paintings inhabit, re-structure, connect and open up INDA Gallery’s spaces and planes. Depending on the light’s angle of incidence and the viewer’s changing position, with the lines carved into the wood and sectioned by geometrical shapes the image opens up and is animated in the panels. Some of the works literally extend beyond the panels’ physical-objectual boundaries, running across the wall in coal-drawn lines, connecting to other panels, thus demonstrating their interpenetration and continuity. Likewise, drawn lines liberate small patches of sandpaper from their material limits, creating/showing a permanent relatedness of tangible, sensory reality and its appearance as an image, its representation in the realm of the abstract. As the carved surfaces capture, redirect and play with light, so does their aesthetics capture and lead the viewer from pure sensory pleasure to references and associations across the planes of interpretation of art history, art theory, optics, theory of vision, phenomenology and ontology.

On view: 13 October–18 November, 2022

Open: from Tuesday to Friday, 2-6 p.m.