Another place
24 May 2007 – 29 June 2007

"The stranger is close to us, insofar as we feel between him and ourselves common features of a national, social, occupational, or generally human, nature. ..." Georg Simmel: The Stranger

Art is a series of contacts, a story that seems to be mysterious, but cannot exceed a person's limitations, because all of its moments are the result of the connection to others. The exhibition gets in touch with the young artists of 'another place', Pécs, trying to present our ideas on figurative and abstract painting, photo, and the relationship of the two of them. In the selection there was no thematic consideration, it merely provides a cross-section of the works of the artists recently graduated from the university of Pécs. During the search for the concept a surface question arouse: the exhibition was born to answer the question whether there is anything perceivable in the spirit of the place, whether the works carry some sort of a place-dependent character, swings of stress.

Muladi, Brigittaart historian,curator of the exhibition