4 February 2021 – 2 April 2021

Continuing the investigations of the relations of the conscious and the subconscious she embarked on in her diploma work, Inner Garden, in this exhibition, Metzing advances further and deeper in exploring the influence of our childhood and early memories on our adult identity, consciousness and being. In her own words, she seeks answers to three questions:

  • How, in what form, are childhood experiences present in our adult life?

  • To what extent do these experiences influence our present?

  • To what extent are we aware of these memories and their influences?

In her pursuit for answers, Metzing uses her works to turn the showroom into an intimate space. Rather than evoking the ambience of a children’s room, she aims to induce an indelineable space experience in the viewer – an experience that can stimulate reflexes, trigger memories and associations. Her works are based on her childhood, or rather, on early memories as seen from her present. These memories blend together into surreal scenes, recalling thoughts, emotions and sensations deposited in her psyche during her childhood, and still there in her conscious-subconscious self today. Through her artistic research, Metzing also offers her past and present as a case study to probe theories on the effects of positive or negative childhood experiences, small or major traumas affect our lives later.