Original Nature - On the Track of the Perfect Moment
21 February 2007 – 30 March 2007

The presence of Nature is one of the most tangible thing in life. Natural, as it were. This is why we can rejoice with a child's astonishment in the recognized and lived through experiences in Nature.We can find the harmony many times here, that we search for in vain elsewhere. The people of the last century often felt that they knew and controlled this world. Today, when the technical developments and digital renewals are daily events, it affects us more and more that Nature is still an inscrutable spiritual and physical force for us. Such an original thing, that exists from the beginning, and is based on tradition. There's no need for tradition for Nature, because Nature itself is the basis of tradition.In the exhibition of the INDA Gallery, in their paintings, sculptures, installations, the three artists are in search of the perfect moment that they all find in the clarity, forms, inscrutability, playfulness of Nature. What does the perfect moment hold to each one of us? Sometimes a colour, a fragrance, a matter, a lived through mood, a human, a long-awaited dream holds this. Most of the times it doesn't have to come true, the road itself towards yearning, fulfillment holds this perfection .But how does this perfection found in Nature appear on the exhibited pieces of art?

Gábor Záborszky (1950) paints the force inspired by Etna on his series of paintings 'Dream on Etna'. He summons the inscrutable volcano on the porous surfaces. This is not only the force of destruction, but also the revival under the surface, because new lives root in the hotness of the powdery lava. The playfulness, plasticity of the substance, coffee, red wine, tea-leaf, stone and glass screening, as well as water-colour applied on the mass indicates the eternal cycle of the materials. His works show us both the reality of the lived-through moment and the unapprehensive feature of Nature.

The monochromacy of László Ottó (1966) changes the tune to classical. On the monochromous boards of his new paintings we can see the clear forms of Nature. What is perfection for Ottó? Perhaps the most favoured, the most often used word of the painter is silence. Reality is inexpressible for him without silence. This idea echoes in the clear forms of his pictures. Its symbolic geometry aspires to show completeness, wants to present the spirit of Nature, universality.

The installations, sculpture-objects of the textile-artist Zsuzsanna Földvári (1981) incorporate the coolness of metal with the soft material of the vamoosing evanescence. In her works, she visualizes the elemental force, the wind, the river, in which textile itself appears in a narrative medium. The materials used by the artist are not the traditionally defined 'textile-art materials', she uses natural animal, vegetational bases. Her forms mingled of natural materials project organic images to us.

As the cycle of the material, the form and the spirit always result in different revivals in Nature, the works exhibited here narrate the perfect moments found by the artists with the force of the creative spirit.

Parádi, Juditart historiancurator of the exhibition