Szabó Ádám: Museum Shop
19 December 2019 – 14 February 2020

Museum Shop

In all major museums there are shops that sell not only the usual books, catalogues and postcards but also bags, T-shirts and mugs with images or quotes from famous works in the institution’s collection. There are contemporary artists who build their own brands or even have their own shops.

In his installation titled Museum Shop, Ádám Szabó opens a museum gift shop that sells merchandises related to his oeuvre. This playful retrospective exhibition also functions as a museum shop during the gallery’s opening hours. The object showcased there balance on the slim line separating artworks and industrial products, since they are made in very limited numbers, as opposed to mass products.

In his exhibition in INDA Gallery’s Project Room, Szabó explores the relations of commerce and art. What makes an artwork unique? What is the difference between a unique work and mechanically reproduced ones? How does the artwork or the artist become a commodity or a gift object?