Corbisier Kim: Observations - Selected Works by Kim Corbisier
21 February 2019 – 19 April 2019


Selected Works by Kim Corbisier

Portraits, street scenes, videos – people looking into the camera (into our eyes). It’s seven years now that Kim Corbisier has left us, passing away at a tragically young age. Nevertheless, she is still with us, not only in the memory of her friends and audience, but through her incredibly rich oeuvre. This is amply shown by the articles about her life and work, by the videos, people’s personal memories of her on the internet and the community media, as well as by the exhibitions of her work, such as a major show by the Pepper Art Projekt in Dunaújváros in 2014 (curated by Nóra Hanka).

INDA Gallery’s exhibition now presents a selection of the part of Corbisier’s legacy in the gallery’s trusteeship, along with some videos and a portrait of the artist by fellow artist and friend Márta Czene. Paying tribute to Corbisier, INDA’s aim is now to demonstrate how the artistic quality created by this artist is above, and therefore survives, quickly passing trends. Indeed, the oeuvre Corbisier left us, is unique in the way her visual language combines painting and drawing, and also the tools of photography and video – a visual language she invented and spoke with an amazing certainty and naturalness.

There is a clear consistency, across their media, among the photo-based painting-drawings and videos, predominantly made in Brussels, Paris and Budapest (Corbisier was born in Anderlecht, Belgium and was brought to live in Hungary at a young age). The media are different, the sensitive gaze directing the zooming, the viewpoints and the light effects is the same.

As a peculiar, maybe symbolic coincidence, Corbisier’s show at INDA takes place almost totally simultaneously with the exhibition of her master’s András Halász’s work at Rugógyár Gallery, where the master also exhibits a portrait he made of his favourite student and disciple, Kim Corbisier.

Curated by Zsolt Kozma