Csáky Marianne: Delete
25 April 2015 – 22 May 2015

“Delete”, 2011 – three-channel video installation with experimental sound track

This animated video is part of my ongoing “Local Everywhere“ project. My experience as a contemporary nomad, a local alien, the insider-outsider, may be familiar to many "quasi-local" or “temporarily local” people all over the world.

The visitor enters a dark space and sees the 3 projection panels hanging from the ceiling, with 3 parts of the re-enactment video looped on the panels. The arrangement of the panels and the sound track by TGNoiz will place viewers in the middle of the scenes projected on the panels.

Delete starts out from an 8 mm Christmas home movie of my family. I re-shot some of its sequences and stills in Kunming, China, asking my Chinese colleagues and friends to perform the original scenes in their interpretation.

In this emotionally highly intensive collaborative project the process of making the work, thinking together and working together with others, is as important as the end-product. This working method brought new aspects into the process of interpreting and re-interpreting history and re-writing memory and forming a new concept of community bonding.