Kicsiny Balázs: Awakening of the Outcast - Balázs Kicsiny's exhibition
24 October 2017 – 12 January 2018

Exhibition opening: Wednesday, October 25, 6:00 PM

A happening titled Hommage à John Cage, 33, will be performed by the artist at the opening.

We are pleased to inform exhibition goers that the outcast of Károly Ferenczy’s lost painting entitled the Awakening of the Outcast (1894) will be on view at the INDA Gallery in Budapest. Preliminary to this, the missing outcast unexpectedly re-emerged in London, on February 8, 2014, in room 33 of the National Gallery. At the same time, all the paintings disappeared from the walls of the internationally renowned Picture Gallery’s room 33. This coincidence has had serious consequences for the outcast. He was arrested, deported, taken to court, tried, and the sentence was carried out on him in a stadium converted from a picture gallery. But all this will be discussed in great detail in INDA Gallery’s exhibition. In addition to the re-emerged outcast, it will also showcase an exhibition without pictures, the picture which depicts the exhibition without pictures, you will have the chance to witness the transformation of the outcast, and to find out what awakes the outcast in the Awakening of the Outcast.