Süveges Rita: Aroma Therapy
15 February 2017 – 31 March 2017

Curated by Zsolt Kozma

Opening speech by Mónika Zsikla

“Like when elements join to build a molecule, and a material with totally different properties, consistency and function is created. Or, if you like, the organising principle is that of constellations, montage and the accidental.”

The exhibition showcasing Rita Süveges’s new paintings on canvas, in light boxes, on lighting table and projected on the wall, sets out to explore the organising principles that join fragments. It is also an inquiry into the process of the artist’s subjective perception, and anyone’s who experiences the everyday phenomenon of cognition.

By way of a painterly induction of phenomena, Süveges’s method makes possible for the spectator to study the relationship of the mind and reality. Using the history and technical potentials of painting as a medium, she seeks to find new ways to apprehend the phenomenon of the picture as an 'image'. 
The works that appear in the exhibition space go beyond the problem of scale and painterly style, and are therefore concerned with the subject of colour. The sensory appeal of the motifs enchants the viewer. More than just a momentary apparition tied to the present, the mirage one experiences in these motifs can be arrested and taken away as afterimages.

The notion of the ‘aroma’ appears in the exhibition’s title as a symbol of the ephemeral sensory experience. In Süveges’s understanding, aroma therapy carries an ironical overtone, as it is a whimsical game when seen from the perspective of high art. Meanwhile, in this context, high art does not look so serious either. Like the aroma, the images of the exhibition sublimate to light along the sequence starting from fragments painted in oil on canvas, continuing in light boxes and a lighting table, and concluding in projection.