Csontó Lajos: MovieArt
8 November 2006 – 2 December 2006

On the latest exhibition of the INDA Gallery, according to the concept based on the openness of media, you can see a selection of the artists' works who have no problems with the transit among media.

The artists didn't create their representational series for the exhibition, but they got next to each other according to their series fitting into the concept. All three of the artists present the effect of the film, as the technical medium with the strongest effect, on fine arts, with different technique and mentality.

Film star topoi appear on the works transforming the family members, just like on the prints of Lajos Csontó, where the imaginary characters of the 'epic' Star Wars into humans, alive mithological figures, like on the works of Barna Leitner, the screenplay elements typed as parts of the independent visual world, the always returning situations are mounted from the memory into the works, like on the works of Imre Gábor.

In the exhibition room, the sacral substance of the cinema images, that the progress of the film partly hides, intensifies. The two-dimensional works intensify the iconic feature of the imagies created as the products of the myth-creating activity of the modern human.

Brigitta Muladiart historian,curator of the exhibition