Emerging artist Eszter Metzing captured the eyes of professionals as well as the public with her large embroidered graphic textile, titled Belső kert(Inner Garden), she made as her diploma work at the Department of Graphics of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2018. Her artistic practice is rooted in a kind of meditation exercise, exploring the influence of the conscious and of thinking on the psyche. Her experimentative mindset, as well as her curiosity, are indispensable for this kind of inquiries, and the same openness and flexibility also characterise her use of materials and techniques. One of her signature techniques is embroidery, which places a planned monotonous series of movements of the hand in a permanent interplay with improvisation, resulting in a dialogue shaped by the accidental. Textiles, surfaces embroidered, processed or destructed, meet with figural shapes, simplified forms that only stimulate sensations – in the space of the intangibility of there-being (dasein).